Poem ‘tidbit’

Impossible Archetype is an international online journal of LGBTQ+ poetry edited by Mark Ward, in which my poem was recently featured:


I’m jammed in the vanishing curve of the glasses you won’t wear,
hesitant in every stride of the stair,
overcome before your waistband/ saline baby, I can’t get washed enough for you.

Cause you’re crying about the things I pulled loose just to see;
with both of us locked in and leaning,
but people keep kneading to get in/ delicious/oblivious, zipped up and far gone on all that.

Steely and unfocused, you’ve bit blue my quietude.
I won’t be let go until you’re sure I’ve heard –
sure did but I took no heed/ queasy & impatient, beyond the bulbs I’ve already adiós’d.

Sheer ignorance against mercury that pleads.


Included as part of their first issue, please follow the link to read in full Issue 1

It’s a terribly honest poem recounting some of my early experiences with bisexuality, a candid recollection of almost love jarring against coming out.

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