Poethead Publication: ‘Hinnerup’ and other poems

I’m over the moon at the news that FIVE of my poems have been published with Poethead this week.
This website provides a truly wonderful resource for finding new work by contemporary Irish women poets.

These poems were informed by themes of sexuality, memory, nature, relationships, gender, mental health and independence.

‘Hinnerup’ is a mash up of two seemingly unrelated subjects; an experience and a memory. It examines how sometimes travelling helps you to process past experiences, and that taking physical space can aid you in gaining perspective on an issue.
Hinnerup is also a small town in East Jutland, Denmark where I often visit with my friend and her grandmother.


sewing after so long
i wonder if there exists a song
a glass of water warmed in the sun
for each age she’s ever been
all the taps here run scalding
following the dregs of wine
flowing from hot water factories
tell me about her lover
stagnant on the periphery
who lived three towns away
making it harder to soak
she would travel hours to him
the wilting orchids
every other weekend
softening on the windowsill
found sanctuary with his family
reaching up into the day
young and in love
delicate and deliberate
i’d like to know how she felt
like grandmother’s thin fingers
on the birthday that I learned to hate
shaking but capable
the night i faked to get away

You can read my other poems by following this link to the website.



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