Body, Gender & #AutuumnAesthetic

A short while ago I wrote a poem about how I view my body. It examines the feelings you experience when you don’t identify as the traditional feminine, but instead feel like you exist in some grey area, occupying a space between she and they.

In the past I have had a distant, awkward and even sad relationship with my body. Moving forward, I’m working to change that, and am learning to embrace all aspects of myself.



if I keep reaching down                                                 I reason
bury further into the worn duvet cavern
make shade in the early morning after
maybe I could reach past it
the undeniable swells and peaks
womanhood defiant as an ocean
dive deep to retrieve my signifier
my choice a heel dug in the sand
boxer shorts, short back and sides
rouse strength again to fill the mirror
and appear flatter yet fuller
fresh-bodied before you                                             a new season


This poem will be included in an upcoming zine about body positivity, which my wonderful friend and talented poet Eva Griffin is putting together in support of Bodywhys. 



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