BODY D – Three Fates Zine, Bath Time

I’m terribly pleased to have my poem BODY D included in the latest issue of Three Fates Press, a Dublin based literary collective who regularly publish zines.  For this issue we were asked to submit work on the theme of water, particularly investigating our relationship to the element.

I find a great deal of comfort in nature, which in turn informs my sense of self and influences my mental health. Following on from these ideas led me to thinking about the formation of identity, and how it appears like a patchwork of elements.

Most people I know feel pulled between ideas of who they are and who they want to be. I often wonder about how much of a person is defined by their place of origin, their past experiences, the things that they love and aspire to.

Growing up in a rural sea side town, we were always taught to respect water. Although I never really felt at home in the area, I did experience a kinship for the landscape. In that town you were never really out of sight from the shore, which held a very distinct presence. Lough Swilly was often referred to as the ‘lake of shadows’ due to it’s visually distinct and changeable currents.

In a lot of ways this poem is about building yourself back up after experiencing trauma. It’s about taking inspiration from your surroundings in order to fill in the gaps.


remember that my body is a mass
not just the palling shivering blooms
that i present to you
there is a ferocious nudity to the truth
swaying in a sea-view bedroom
& through dreams i fall back into
a past that won’t yet quench me
parched under sheets of ice
the parts of me that are deciduous
the parts which yield directions
tough as bark in winter
persistent as autumn leaves
& i shall flit onward
soft as a moth
a thin wisp forwarding
born of summer sweat
& bunched corduroy
clinging to radiators
hunting for the heat
desperate from dram to dram
& yes I remember
the cool full face of the sink
as it leans up to kiss me
a finalizing thing
in a time before fatigue
& how long can you stay under
a game we used to play
when we knew everything
& nothing at sixteen
reaching for the new awareness
in order to transcend
the self contained
our created environments
our inherited instincts
in just forty minutes
a town across walking
all along the shifting spine
the lake of shadows after nine
to outrun our own
on my eighteenth birthday
when i couldn’t quiet the candles
wary of the darkened road
& the night had known better
daisies knew to curl up by evening
not at all stunted by admiration
or sheer ineffectuality
i don’t know how they manage
when i often can’t even


Three Fates will be accepting submissions for their upcoming issue about the Repeal movement until 25th April, email work to

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