‘H’ is for Haggard: Monstrous Regiment


I’m very pleased to say that one of my poems ‘H’ is for Haggard has been featured in the latest publication from Monstrous Regiment Magazine, titled ‘Crimson’. My copy arrived in the post just yesterday.

The poem is about rethinking past relationships when you’re drunk, when you’re brave and grappling with the associated emotions. Looking back at a time where you felt so close to someone, it felt like you lived as part of them.
It takes energy from the anxiety of reliving tender experience. Those thought patterns can be overwhelming, confusing and ill-advised. It’s about bad decisions, like kissing someone you shouldn’t.
I wanted the work to mimic the intensity of the experience, so the poem is intentionally vivid, fragmented and bodily. It follows the speaker as they fall into a bewildering thought spiral, always leading to the same unsatisfactory conclusion. At the end the unresolved misunderstanding still stings red, and the compulsive need to be understood and related to is unrelenting.

Monstrous Regiment is a feminist literary magazine featuring fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and visual arts led by Scotland-based creatives. Each issue of the magazine is themed around a certain colour, and all submissions are inspired in some way by the connotations that that colour might evoke or represent. This issue explores everything from body image to grief, from speculative fiction to red photography film, and from misremembering to revenge porn.

You can order a copy for £7.99 through their shop link here.



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