Dublin Story Slam: Review

This month I was thrilled to review the Dublin Story Slam for Irish Spoken Word Agency Boundless & Bare.

The Dublin Story Slam is a monthly open mic storytelling night with a twist, where attendees gather to swap tales from their lives inspired by a different theme each and every time. This month’s topic was ‘Truth’ and the air of excitement was nothing short of palpable from the queue waiting to get into the sold out show. The Sugar Club throws its doors open at 7pm, an hour before the show kicks off. “To build up a bit of pressure before the readers have to get up there” producer Julien Clancy jokes “leaving enough time to grab a pint first of course”. There is a sense of giddy expectation as groups of friends settle down into the booths, adding to the jovial atmosphere bubbling up on this sunny June evening.

You can read the full review here.

The next installment of the Dublin Story Slam will take place on 17th July, in the Sugar Club @7pm. This month’s theme is ‘Hot & Cold’!

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