Living Proof: A Night of Visual Art, Poetry & Live Performances

This Saturday evening (18th august) I am lucky enough to be involved in ‘Living Proof’: an evening of visual art, poetry and live performances in the Tara Building.

Hosted by the incomparable Caoimhe Donnelly, all proceeds will be donated to the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre.

*TRIGGER WARNING: Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Trauma*

Abuse and trauma still haunts Irish society. With lack of space to discuss personal trauma and insufficient conversations about consent, victims of abuse in Ireland frequently find themselves caught between progress and regression, not knowing how to carry on or reach out for help.This event seeks to create a space where individuals can remove the isolation and shame that is often attached to trauma. We wish to bring to light traumatic experiences that frequently go undiscussed while highlighting the importance of survival through different artistic mediums. Opening the discussion so that victims feel secure enough to discuss their experiences in an environment free of judgement, while allowing the wider public to learn how to listen and respect those who are frequently silenced.

Poetry reading by:
Jess McKinney
Eva Griffin
Amber Kid
Rosa Jones

Performance art and music by:
Dylan Kerr
Molly Sterling

Featured art and writing displayed on the night:
Fiadha McLysaght
Eimear Walshe
Clare Lyons
Bronagh Lee
Cathy Jackson
Izzy Grange
Alice Evans
Rosie O’Mahony

Poster design by Bronagh Lee and Eric Stynes

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