Abridged Journal: Rosé

In July of this year, I fulfilled a long term goal of mine and had a poem ‘Rosé’ published with Abridged.

The poem was inspired by a game my sister and I used to play as children, when we wrote letters to ‘the fairies’ who lived at the bottom of the garden. Unbeknownst to us, our mother used to wait until we were asleep before retrieving the letters and writing back to us.

This magical correspondence spanned many months, and I remember this period in my life vividly. This era of suspended disbelief encompassed not only my inquisition of the fairies, but a creeping realization of my mum’s struggle with alcoholism.

As someone who has grown to have a somewhat difficult and distant relationship with my mother, I often find myself grappling with these happier memories, trying to mold them into something tangible and tidy.

About the Journal:

Abridged aims to publish and exhibit contemporary/experimental poetry plus contemporary art, in response to a new theme each time. These themes focus on contemporary concerns in a rapidly changing society, and this month’s journal focused on the concept of ‘Relapse’.

Abridged is generally available at art galleries and arts organisations in Belfast, Dublin, Derry, Galway. Usually for a limited period as they go very quickly. You can also read a free Pdf of each issue on this website.

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