Jess Mc Kinney is a queer feminist poet, essayist, sometimes artist and full time floral enthusiast.  Originally from Inishowen, Co. Donegal, they graduated from UCD English Studies and are now working in Dublin. They are also one third of Dublin’s own Not4U Poetry Collective.

Their writing is informed by themes such as sexuality, memory, nature, relationships, gender, mental health and autonomy. They have been previously published in Abridged, Poethead, Monstrous Regiment, Rag Queen Periodical, Three Fates, The Glass Wall, A New Ulster, Impossible Archetype, HeadStuff, In Place, Hunt & Gather, and several other local zines. Upcoming work can be seen in Peach Magazine’s latest project ‘Us Too: An Anthology of Withdrawn Poetry’.

They have recently read at the Living Proof fundraiser, the John Hewitt Summer School workshop showcase, NOT4U’s Cailleach zine launch and the Peachy Exhibition for Repeal.


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