BODY D – Three Fates Zine, Bath Time

I'm terribly pleased to have my poem BODY D included in the latest issue of Three Fates Press, a Dublin based literary collective who regularly publish zines.  For this issue we were asked to submit work on the theme of water, particularly investigating our relationship to the element. I find a great deal of comfort in … Continue reading BODY D – Three Fates Zine, Bath Time

‘Earwig’ Poem

My poem 'Earwig' and a corresponding photograph were included in the In Place photo book, published in October 2016 to accompany an exhibition in Tara Street, Dublin. IN PLACE is a collective of artists working in Dublin, Ireland. They are focused on formulating a response to the disuse of space within Dublin's urban landscape. The … Continue reading ‘Earwig’ Poem

Poem ‘tidbit’

Impossible Archetype is an international online journal of LGBTQ+ poetry edited by Mark Ward, in which my poem was recently featured: <tidbit> I’m jammed in the vanishing curve of the glasses you won’t wear, hesitant in every stride of the stair, overcome before your waistband/ saline baby, I can’t get washed enough for you. Cause … Continue reading Poem ‘tidbit’

Aligning Positivity and Plant Growth

By way of expanding my relationship with photography in tandem with the city's correlation with the natural world. Originally published with Hunt and Gather “They travel long distances to stroll along the seashore, for reasons they can’t put into words.” -Edward O. Wilson Certainly living in the bustling city centre of Dublin is exciting however increasing … Continue reading Aligning Positivity and Plant Growth

Fragmented notions in ‘The Hopeless End of a Great Dream’

A review primarily featured by Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival The Hopeless End of a Great Dream is the new 16mm film commissioned by Irish artist Declan Clarke and freshly exhibited at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios. The greatly anticipated project benefited from the support of Belfast Exposed, Centre Cultural Irlandais Paris and … Continue reading Fragmented notions in ‘The Hopeless End of a Great Dream’

Feminine Space in Jesse Jone’s No More Fun and Games

As originally published with Hunt and Gather: Musings regarding the curation of female space in Jesse Jones' recent exhibition. “In truth, there is nothing [women] can call their own but death, not even that small model of their servile clay which forms a paste and a cover to their bones” – Anna Doyle Wheeler Jesse Jones latest … Continue reading Feminine Space in Jesse Jone’s No More Fun and Games